About Us

Warwick Music, Inc. is an independent subsidiary of Warwick Music Group. Warwick Music Group (WMG) is the innovation-led company that created the world’s best-selling plastic instruments: pBone, pBoneMini, pTrumpet, pTrumpet HyTech, pCornet, pBuzz and pBugle, and Warwick Music Publishing. Based in Staffordshire, England its operations now span four continents: North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania (Australia).

WMG’s mission is to create and provide high quality wind and brass instruments, making the joy of music accessible, safe and fun for all.

Every day hundreds of thousands of musicians and music students learn and have fun making music on WMG’s instruments, including:
• pBone, the world’s best-selling trombone;
• pTrumpet, the world’s finest all-plastic trumpet; and pTrumpet hyTech, a winner of the 2019 NAMM Best in Show;
• pBuzz, an innovative beginner instrument which provide for the teaching of music fundamentals in classrooms worldwide.
• pBoneMini, providing children with an adventure in learning harmonics
• pCornet, a real British-style cornet that also serves as a first valved instrument for children.
• pBugle, the easiest way to begin your trumpet journey
These instruments have enabled WMG to become a staple part of music teaching and education.

WMG’s award wins include the coveted Best in Show at NAMM in both 2017 and 2019, 2016 Music Teacher Awards Education Product of the Year, The Horners Award for Plastics Innovation and Design - and Gold in the Primary Teacher Awards 2016. In 2017, WMG was recognized as one the English Midlands’ Top 50 most innovative companies. In 2019, Warwick Music Group was awarded the highest business honor in the United Kingdom with the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

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