pTrumpet Music and Video Demonstrations for Mariachi Ensembles
By Ramon Rivera, Mariachi Educator

I am so excited to present this video series that every beginning Music Teacher can use. My name is Ramon Rivera and I have been a Mariachi Educator for over 20 years,
Mariachi Music in public school is the fastest growing Music Program in the United State where there are thousands of Music Students learning Mariachi Music.
I currently direct the Mariachi Director of the Mount Vernon (WA) School District Mariachi Program. I teach Middle School and High School from Beginner to Advance. I have been teaching with pTrumpet and, for beginners it has been a game-changer for my Mariachi Program.  

I teach students with zero experience. A regular brass trumpet can be very heavy for the young student (and also very expensive for the school!) and can be difficult for the beginning trumpet students to manage physically. The p Trumpet is lightweight, easy to carry, and plays like a brass trumpet. I found it easier to teach the students to learn how to buzz on pTrumpet and it is so much easier for the student to learn the fingerings when simply holding the trumpet is made easier.

For tips on teaching how to buzz, watch our pBuzz video series.  

Mariachi pTrumpet Songs & Demonstration Video Series
Introduction by Ramon Rivera (video

These demonstration pieces include five popular and easy to play pieces for your Mariachi ensemble. You likely have been playing these without trumpet. Now you can present these iconic cultural pieces with full instrumentation by incorporating pTrumpet into your efforts.

Teaching pTrumpet includes how to buzz, move air and understand pitch. With our Brass Tabs nomenclature, learning to read musical notation is not a necessary prerequisite, so students will be able to play sooner and learn more quickly. Learning traditional notation will come. Capturing their interest in playing is important now.

Brass Tabs also remove the difficulty of key signatures and transposition. We’ve including standard notation and keys signatures, but if students just focus on the Brass Tabs (fingerings and pitch), you will find that their progress and excitement grows very quickly. For more on Brass Tabs, visit

De Colores
8 Bar Melody traditional folk song

De Colores ( Made of Colors) is a traditional folk song in Spanish with its uplifting message of peace and hope. Cesar Chavez use this song to unite the Farmer Workers in California

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La Raspa
8 bar Melody perfect for audience participation

La Raspa is a Mexican folk song from the state of Veracruz used all over Mexico for celebrations and at school dances. This song is used with a Folklorico Dance group with the combination of the two tunes Jarabe Tapatio and La Raspa

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La Mucura
8 bar Melody for a Popular
Cumbia in Mexico and Columbia

La Mucura is a song written by Crescencio Salcedo, before DJs and Apple Music for celebrations the Mariachi would playing ceremony Wedding or Quiencerra, and then the Mariachi would play for the Dance ( El Baile). The Mariachi would play Polkas Waltz and Cumbia for the people to dance

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Arboles de La Barrannca
8 bar Melody a Popular Cancion Ranchera ( Waltz Tiempo)

Cancion Ranchera is the style of Mariachi Music called Ranchera which comes from the word Rancho which means Ranch. Ranches are all over the rural countryside of Mexico. The Ranchera songs mostly have lyrics that talk about love patriotism or life at the ranch in Mexico.

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Volver Volver
8 Bar Melody a Popular Mariachi Song by Vicente Fernandez

Vicente Fernandez knows as the King of the Ranchera Music. Volver is the number one requested Mariachi Song when Mariachi performs at public events. Volver means “Going back".

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Easy Fingering Chart for standard notation  

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